Berk PLOH 143 ungepolstert 7x9mm Carbonschienen Fahrradsattel Triathlon Rennrad

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PLOH 143

Carbon matt

Ploh has a V shape which provides great stability and offers a lot of support because the larger sitting area. Suitable for most cycling types.


  • Construction: Carbon
  • Look: padded or 3K carbon look
  • Length: 247 mm
  • Width: 143 mm
  • Max. rider weight: 100 kg
  • Weight padded: 95 g
  • Weight 3K carbon look: 78 g
  • Saddle rails: oval 7 x 9 mm

IMPORTANT: To prevent any saddle rail damage you have to use max. 5Nm on seatpost designs which can “cut” the saddle rails. AII clamping mechanisms where the upper and lower part aren’t at the same area can only use 5Nm.

IMPORTANT: Seatpost designs which clamp the saddle rails from both sides at the same area (also one-bolt systems) can use up to 12Nm.