Motorsport Silikon intake hose Turbo Inlet VW Golf 7 GTI R ED40 / Arteon RHD

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New part, incl. warranty

With the help of our turbo intake hose, you can massively optimise your intake system directly in front of the turbocharger. The maximum enlarged diameter (no bottlenecks) increases the air flow and improves performance, response and turbo sound. The ideal addition to our Turbo-Outlet.



  • Material: silicone, 4-fold reinforced and flow-optimised.
  • Colour: black
  • improved response + performance enhancing
  • 1:1 exchange against original plastic part
  • significantly higher pressure and temperature resistance than original part


Suitable for: EA888 engines of Gen. 3

ATTENTION, only suitable for RHD vehicles (right-hand drive: vehicles driving on the left side of the road)



  • Arteon 2.0 TSI
  • Golf MK7 / 7.5
  • GTI
  • GTI Clubsport ED40
  • R


You will find the matching Turbo-Outlet in our shop.


Scope of delivery:

1x Turbo intake hose

1x turbo inlet adapter

1x crankcase ventilation adapter

3x stainless steel mounting clamps



Delivery time:

2-3 workdays


General information:

Unless explicitly mentioned, the respective product is delivered without ABE/certificate (motorsport parts). Accessories without an ABE/certificate must be registered in accordance with § 19.2 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) if they are to be used in public road