PEEKrings Pyramid Cycle Design CARBON Chainring Ritzel 66T Zähne 130 BCD 5-bolt

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PEEKrings TRACK -  Carbon Chainring

Pyramid Cycle Design




  • Weight: 66T - 226g

  • Diameter:130 BCD - 5-bold

  • Material: Carbon


About PEEKrings Classic

Carbon fibre/PEEK chainrings for standard 5-bolt 110BCD and 130BCD cranksets handmade to order in the UK.  

PEEKrings Classic were used by Dame Sarah Storey in the 2016 Tour of California time trial and the road time trial at the 2016 Rio Paralympics, where she won the gold medal.  They were also used by Magnus Backstedt at the Ironman World Championships in 2013.

Carbon/PEEK rings are not for everyday use - we recommend youkeep them for TTs and Sunday best only!