YBN SLA 410 TIG 116L Gold Single Speed 1/2x1/8 Track Chain Gold Leichtbau-Kette

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Yaban Chain
SLA 410 - TIG x 116L

12,7mm x 3,4m
1/2" x 1/8"

Color: Gold
Spec.: 1/2”x1/8”
Speed of sprocket: Single Speed
Weight: 292grams

SLA Superior Lubricating Aid

DHA Chromium Carbide Pin

Super Light

Superior Durability

YBN's top of the range Nickel Plated 1/8 x 1/2" x 116 link chain

High grade chain suitable for Track, BMX, Single speed.

DHA Chromium Carbide Hollow Pin, Square Riveting High Power Load.

Ni-PTF Coating on Chain Plate to increase chain life, Slotted Side Plates to save weight.

Colour-Gold, Weight-292grams excluding joiner.

For a number of years now many world level teams / riders and record attempts on the track have actually been performed on 11spd chains due to the much lower friction vs 1/8th track chains.

Big, heavy 1/8th track chains are by their design much higher friction as almost all (but not all) are a “Bushing” style design. This means that surrounding the pin is a cylinder of metal which is the bushing, and then over the top of that sits the roller. A bushing style design introduces 2 extra and large sliding friction surfaces vs a derailleur chain where the roller sits directly on the inner plate flanges.

This design along with the very tight tolerances of many track chains makes preparing a fast track chain notoriously difficult. It is very hard to ensure that factory grease – which you do NOT want to ride, is cleaned out from deep inside between pin and bushing, and that then your chosen top lube or wax is able to penetrate into this space.

The YBN SLA 410 has a normal roller chain design and not a bushing style design. This makes it as easy to clean and properly prep / race prep as a road chain.

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